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Upcoming Litters

We are getting real close to confirming that both Cleo and Peach are with puppies!

Peach is loving life in the South with her Guardians and will be coming back to the already white Great North in a few weeks to complete her pregnancy in our home. Her Guardians moved this summer from Spearfish, so Peach knows us well and we got to interact with her frequently. She loves being here with her Momma Cleo and Auntie Como.

We are anticipating a due date for Peach + Jax of Nov. 20th and will start taking deposits after the puppies are born.

Cleo is in total "love me mode" and is starting to show signs that she is indeed pregnant. Amanda loves her when she is like this because Cleo will sit in her lap whenever she sits down.

Cleo + Ripley puppies are due approximately Nov. 29th and we will open deposits for puppies after.

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