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Guardian Home Info

We are a home based breeder and occasionally have
an opportunity to place one of our breeding females
in an approved home. We want our dogs to be raised
in caring  and loving homes as a family pet for their
entire life. Being a Guardian Home is a great low-cost
way to have a high quality pet.
When you are chosen as a Guardian Home, we will place a pick of the litter puppy with you at around 10 weeks old. You must live within 3 hours of our Spearfish home, own your home, have a fenced yard, and bring the dog to us for breeding purposes. You may have other pets as long as they are not intact male dogs. When your female goes into her season, you will bring her to us for several days for breeding and then she will go back home to you for her pregnancy. About a week before her due date she will return to us and stay for around 7 weeks.

You will be responsible for all normal pet related costs and medical expenses, and keep her up to date on shots, as you would with any other pet. Queen City Doodles (QCD) will be responsible for all testing and breeding related expenses. If your dog does not pass health testing to become a breeding dog for QCD or after she has had 3-5 litters, you will be responsible for spaying and she will retire with you.

If you are interested and would like to be considered, or have questions, please contact us.
We will start with a phone interview and if both sides are in a preliminary agreement, we will conduct an in home inspection at your home and go over the legal agreement. If you are approved for the program and are in agreement to the terms, we will sign the agreement and you will be notified when a puppy is available. QCD will retain legal ownership of the dog until the terms of the agreement are fulfilled


Happy Family with Pets

We are not currently looking for a Guardian Home.

Guardian Testimonial
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