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                                                  Why Get a Doodle?

                                                                    By: The Daily Wag


If you are allergic to dogs, the Goldendoodle or Doodle may just be the perfect fit for you! This lovable and playful breed is a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Ready to learn more? Here are some amazing facts about Goldendoodles: Goldendoodles Are Considered Newbies Did you know Goldendoodles are a relatively new dog breed? They first appeared in North America and Australia in the 1990s after breeders realized a larger poodle hybrid would appeal to people who wanted a bigger hypoallergenic dog. This Designer Dog is Naturally Vigorous Most Goldendoodles are a first generation hybrid or "designer dog". Animal breeders use the term 'hybrid vigor' to refer to a certain vivacity and resilience displayed in the first generation's behavior due to breeding two purebred dogs. This is especially true when the parents are very different dog breeds. Dogs with hybrid vigor are usually far healthier than either of the dog's purebred parents. They can also benefit from having the best qualities of both breeds. Hybrid vigor gradually disappears over successive generations. Got Allergies? Don't Grab a Kleenex, Grab A Goldendoodle!

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