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Payment Options

After your application is approved you are welcome to submit your deposit.  Deposits are $350 which will be applied to the purchase cost of the puppy.  We do not refund deposits. If you have not predetermined if you are wanting a male or female you are required to do so by the time the litter is one week old. In the case of a deposit made prior to birth of litter. Deposit may, upon seller’s discretion, be returned to buyer if the dam does not have any puppies of the desired gender available. We do not make any guarantees to size and color of puppies.

We reserve the right to NOT SELL you a puppy at any time during the process. In this case you will be refunded any money paid to Queen City Doodles.

The quickest and most convenient way to pay your deposit is to use the Venmo App. There are a few additional options for you to pay as well. Please contact us to discuss the best option for you.

Cash/Check- If you are local, you are welcome to arrange to bring to us or mail.

Venmo-Cash App-Paypal - We will send you a text with the amount to pay. You might be prompted to download the app.

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